Rules and Regs at South Hill Park

Artists Lucy Cash, Antony Schrag and Search Party have been invited to create new work in response to rules devised by a curator as a challenge to explore new ways of working. The Bracknell Gallery is open to the public during the residency, offering a unique opportunity to view the entire process of creating live art. The residencies culminate in public performances on Fri 29 Aug 6:30 - 8:30pm and Sat 30 Aug 2008, 2-4pm.

- Respond to an enquiry made by the public.
- Investigate the idea of "new".
- Be physically present and relate to each member of the audience.
- Don't move.

This event is free but booking is recommended.
Contact to reserve a space.

About the artists:

Lucy Cash is an artist with a diverse art practice working across live performance and digital moving image. Beginning her career with a three minute commission from the BFI / FilmFour, her work since then has included artists’ film and video projects for gallery exhibition and site specific spaces, as well as single screen works and live performance. Her work draws on both fiction and documentary, often moves between past and present and involves a keen attention to gesture and choreography. She is an associate artist with Artsadmin and an associate member of Goat Island performance.

Search Party is the live art collaboration of artists Pete Phillips and Jodie Hawkes. Their work re-negotiates the relationship between artist and audience, by creating temporary communities in which the audience is invited to become co-collaborators in the live experience. Search Party are members of Residence, an artist led workspace in Bristol.

Anthony Schrag is a Canadian artist based in Scotland. He often launches himself out of giant catapults and climbs tall buildings and exploding targets. Anthony sets up walls that pretend to fall on people and makes sticky floors that people get stuck to. This produces an exploration of a body intelligent “that is understood phenomenologically before it is understood mentally or intellectually. It relies on the primacy of events before theoretical concerns regarding art and its contexts, and its function is to democratize the art experience, as well to destabilize its norms”. For Anthony, art is fun and exciting and it engages the widest audience possible.

This project is a co-production of South Hill Park Arts Centre and Rules and Regs and is curated and managed by Dr Outi Remes, Visual Arts and Exhibitions Officer and the curator of the 2007 Rules and Regs at South Hill Park.
Rules and Regs at South Hill Park

Event Title: Rules and Regs at South Hill Park
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