Former University of Derby photography student Steve Schofield looks at the way the British choose to spend their holiday and leisure time in an exhibition, Hotel, at Derby Museum and Art Gallery from Sat 23 Aug - Sun 2 Nov 2008.

Steve, who graduated in 2007, looks at how the choice of the themed experience allows holiday makers to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality for what is a momentary break from their weekly routines.

The found spaces within Steve’s photographs offer a hyper real experience to the paying participants. They enter, are allowed to enact their chosen fantasies and then return to their normal lives when their holiday ends.

During this break from normality, we see beneath the mask of polite British sobriety and a sub-cultural underworld is revealed.

By photographing the spaces and the people within them, there is a sense of allowing the private to be made public. The work opens up issues about escapism in Britain during a climate of economic decline in 2008.

Associated Events:
Steve Schofield will be giving a talk about his work on Wed 1 Oct 2008 1-2pm at Derby Museum and Art Gallery. This is a free talk and there is no need to book.