A Weekend of Art Thatís Difficult to Describe

ĎOther/Other/Otherí need an audience! The public are invited to ĎUnit 5í to witness the process and progress of artists in Norwich who make ďart thatís difficult to describeĒ.

The members of newly launched Norwich artistsí collective ĎOther/Other/Otherí aim to find out a bit more about each otherís work and allow the public to access to this process. Throughout the weekend the space will act as a canvas for all manner of location-responsive creative endeavours: sounds, videos, durational performances and more.

As well as making art under the same roof, the artists will document and respond to each otherís work throughout the weekend.

Where possible, Other/Other/Other exhibition opportunities begin with works being devised, developed and made as a group.

On Sat 30 and Sun 31 August, seven artists will undertake the first of these unique public projects. During the weekend John Boursnell will be exploring tape loops and live editing; Bev Broadhead will be sending mobile phone video updates of her whereabouts; Dot Howard will be making live video work in the space and surrounding streets; Michael Ridge will construct a circuit-bending extravaganza from locally sourced toys; and Holly Rumble will be making surfaces audible with contact mics.
A Weekend of Art Thatís Difficult to Describe

Event Title: A Weekend of Art Thatís Difficult to Describe
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