KH Jeron 9 - 5

Karl Heinz Jeron has arrived from Berlin for a two-week residency at MEANTIME, and is busy building robots and business relationships...

Following his Will Work for Foodproject, the artist has conceived 9 - 5, a robotic vehicle that works for the minimum wage, making visual the immaterial labour of a working day in an office. The vehicle will be installed in a local marketing company's offices, taking data traffic information from the air and transmitting it to a sharp point, which then scratches a painted surface - in this case the colours of the company's livery: "It's all about service", Karl Heinz stressed.

On Thu 14 Aug 2008, 6.30 - 8.30pm, there will be an opportunity to inspect the robot's endeavours and view further experiments, and at 7pm KH will give a presentation and demonstration of his work.

For further information visit the 9 - 5 website or the MEANTIME website