WLTM - The Event

Always felt there was someone missing from your life? Looking for the Gilbert for your George?
Well look no further! The Dating Agency Director WLTM you! for an afternoon of match-making.

WLTM is a curatorial investigation into a new way of selecting and exhibiting art works which removes the personal, subjective thoughts and feelings of the Curator, using statistical data alone to select and pair works of art for an exhibition.

WLTM has invited submissions of works that are representative of each individualís identity as an artist. Using impartial dating agency pairing methods, such as questionnaires, WLTM has found the perfect partner for each work of art, bringing together the 6 most 'perfect pairs' for an exhibition and event taking place at Standing Room on August 30th.

You are invited to attend the WLTM Main Event - where the 6 perfect pairs will be unveiled by The Director. This is your only chance to meet The Director in person and possibly also meet your destiny. WLTM - The Event is an exhibition and meeting point for artists and creative people.

There is still time to take part in WLTM!
For a dating agency questionnaire and application details please email Anna at wltm.info@yahoo.co.uk

WLTM is curated by Anna Francis