Höhne & Gismarvik - By-Catch

Norwegian based Katrhin Höhne and Bjarte Gismarvik investigate the declining fishing industry in Aberdeen and the North East in dialogue with Fisherman George, The Gutters, Sir William Piper, Wheelie's Quines, The Harbour Master, Captain Birds Eye and many others. An exhibition in text, photography, video and installation, it also includes a new twist to fish n' chip wrappers.

Rather than old newspapers or greaseproof paper, customers at chip shops and fishmongers across the city will find their food wrapped in an illustrated history of the North-sea Fishing Industry courtesy of the artists. The six fish and chip wrapper news sheets tackle different parts of the fishing industry, from the origins of fishing in the North-east to the challenges faced by the industry today.
Höhne & Gismarvik - By-Catch

Event Title: Höhne & Gismarvik - By-Catch
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