Mineral Park - Curated by Alex Hetherington

Mineral Park assembles multiple materials, narratives, video, sound, biography, music, performances and texts that play in and out of sequence and synchronization to generate multiple and differing, evolving experiences from the specifically chosen and researched materials. Alongside this Hetherington has selected a number of international video artists whose work corresponds in different ways to the materials and themes in the show: here he attempts to synchronize his practice to the work of other artists generating further alliances, sequences, disruptions, coincidences, abrasions. The show will be self-generating; the work will change and evolve independently during its installation.

The materials used are: the biography of the twins Jennifer and June Gibbons, the notorious sisters who created a secret language and had a pact not to communicate with the outside world; performance footage re-enacting songs by the Cocteau Twins, a band from Grangemouth who achieved international success with their beautiful and ethereal songs, featuring the singer Elizabeth Fraser who created a difficult to understand language; video footage shot at the Grand Canyon and Mineral Park, a ghost town in Arizona, footage from Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, California, the one time home of industrialist Robert Dollar; two high energy disco, acid house songs: Voodoo Ray (A Guy Called Gerald and Let Me think About It (Ida Corr & Fedde Le Grand) and the description of a mid-air plane collision and the language psychology of why gay men speak with a sibilant S.

Alex Hetherington is a visual artist and writer who divides his time between Glasgow, Scotland and the United States.

Anne Colvin is a Scottish artist based in San Francisco where she also runs the project space TART. Her work and exhibition programming have achieved considerable critical acclaim both nationally and internationally.

Desirée Holman is a video artist based in San Francisco, she is a current recipient of the 2008 SECA ART AWARD, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

John Sebastian Vitale is an artist based in New York City.

Lewis Holleran is an artist, based in Glasgow, who works with light and video.

Lucy Keany is an artist based in Edinburgh, she recently completed her MFA from Edinburgh College of Art.

Zefrey Throwell is an artist who works with performance, video, painting and photography, he is based in New York City.
Mineral Park - Curated by Alex Hetherington

Event Title: Mineral Park - Curated by Alex Hetherington
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