Manchester’s guerrilla arts event, Hazard hits the streets again this summer for one day of spontaneous mischief making.

After a 2007 event which saw Cathedral Gardens wrapped in yellow and black tape, Market Street brought to a standstill with burlesque shop mannequins and a cowboy and giant rabbit set loose in the Northern Quarter, Hazard returns this July with further widespread outbreaks mischief and mayhem.

Hazard is Manchester’s guerrilla arts micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, packed full of chance encounters, random occurrences and risky ventures around and about the city centre.

In an outbreak of cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity, Hazard will this year see three intrepid explorers attempt to navigate a circle around the city centre on water, a giant trout enjoying the water feature in Piccadilly Gardens, a giant, interactive game taking over Cathedral Gardens, created with the members of Urbis Underground, and a guided tour, from behind rose tinted visors, encountering giant performing traffic cones. Plus there’s the return of the burlesque mannequins to bring more mayhem to Market Street.

Once again this unnamed group of performance activists will be taking to the streets in an audacious move to reclaim the city in the name of art. Unsettling behaviour will be par for the course; shop windows, city squares, canals and street corners will play host to surprising, risqué and outrageous performances.

Not everything will be what it appears: a flash of yellow and black may just give the game away.
A public space becomes impassable…a spoof hazmat alert… flashing red runways… scene-of-crime bodies litter the streets… an intrepid group of canoeists circumnavigate the city by canal…

… bogus workmen, bogus health & safety inspectors and bogus tourists… genuine benefits advice from a small camp man… anime characters playing interactive games… burlesque shop window mannequins loose on the streets…

A giant trout bathing in a fountain…outbursts of spontaneous song…a stray round of applause…a family day-trip in search of Engels… and an encampment on our least visited railway station.

The only show you need to book for:
Agent: A limited capacity rose-tinted tour of the city complete with strange encounters en route, call 0161 615 0500, first come first served.
12.30, 2.00, 3,30, 5.00 from Urbis, free.

Programme of activity:
nb: * *indicates fixed show time

Cathedral Gardens
Shahram Entekhabi: CAUTION 2 *12pm*

Tape or be taped...…

Doldrum Theatre: New Format 12-5pm
A playground in the home or the weird, the wonderful, the dressed up, the dressed down. Once you know the rules anyone can play. Join in… You're 'it'.

whatsthebigmistry: Agent 12.30,2,3.30,5pm
A rose-tinted journey through Wonderland, peopled with the bizarre and fantastical, en route to a secret destination.

Exchange Square-St Ann's Square
Accidental Collective: BIKINI State 1-4 pm

Hazmat alert, guerillas on manoeuvre, soap-box activists… a darkly humorous play on our collective fears.

Artificial Light: Where is Cannon Street? *4pm*
The Headturners are lost! Can you help them? A search for the city lost by progress.
Created with writer Richard Barrett

Charles Quick:New Infrastructure from midday
One workman, 50 flashing LEDs – a whole new electric infrastructure for a familiar landscape.

Michael Pinchbeck: The Long and Winding Road 12-6pm
a graffiti covered car en route from Nottingham to Liverpool, packed with 365 mementoes spilling out. You are invited to fasten your seatbelt and join him in a one to one road story

PLaY: part 1, odd shoes... 2-3.30pm
Briefcases replace shoes in a stepping stone challenge by harassed commuters to find that perfect pair of shoes. Created + performed by Jamie Fletcher + Dick Bonham, with Sophia di Martino.

Market Street
The Bucket Company: Window Undressers 1-4pm on the hour shop windows

Mannequins come to life in a B-movie rebellion against the anatomically 'perfect' mannequin.

Chris Fitzsimmons: Feel the Benefit 12-5pm
The Pink Panther is on hand to dole out advice on disability and tax benefits....

Artificial Light: Clap Happy *5pm*
Rounding-off proceedings with a rousing show of hands.

Piccadilly Gardens
Ann Rapstoff: Good Housekeeping 12-5

A risk assessment of everyday life, join our custodian of health and safety to see what danger may occur.

Adela Jones/Will Pollard: Hooked *1230pm*
A Trout and a Fisherman find common ground in a fountain. Competition and one-upmanship turns to tenderness and love. As the sun sets and the flies hatch, Trout and Fisherman walk hand in fin into the evening.

Round and about town:
Kate Wiggs: Trace 12-5pm Northern Quarter

Inscribing hazardous bodies onto the urban landscape.

Martin Hamblen: Un sou pour vos pensées 12-5pm various doorways
A penny for your thoughts..?

The Muffia: Under Construction 12-5pm various building sites
'Cheer up darling it might never happen'
'Give us a smile' Turning the table on the stereotypical builder.

Balcony Bingo: The Cheadle Hulme International Goth Clog Ballet. 12-6pm

The Institute: The Hazardous Family *1pm* Parsonage Gardens
The typical family day-out: Mum, Dad, the kids, a picnic and the collected works of Engels.

Varsity of Maneuvers:Test the Water 1-5pm Rochdale canal and overland
An intrepid pair of canoeists set out to circumnavigate Manchester by canal, armed with only a set of handcuff keys to see them through the 18 locks that separate them from their destination.

Ardwick Station (Blind Lane, M12 6JT) Friends of Ardwick Station 2-4pm
Less than one person per day uses Ardwick Station! The Friends come together on our loneliest platform, to try to communicate with the thousands who pass but never stop.
(The intrepid may wish to join them, by foot or car - no trains stop on Saturday!)

Event Title: Hazard
Further Details:
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Contact Email: 0161 615 0500