The Long Take

Justin Beal, Dave Bevan, Vanessa Billy, Simon and Tom Bloor, Tomas Chaffe, Karen Cunningham, Martijn int’ Veld, Mark Harasimowicz, Jenny Hogarth & Kim Coleman, Brian Kennon, Jonty Lees, Sara MacKillop, Rachel Reupke, Jack Strange

Moot is pleased to announce it’s next project ‘The Long Take’ where selected artists have been invited to contribute artwork to a create a currently undetermined document.

All work will be faxed remotely by the artists and received by our gallery fax machine within a 3-week period. Work received will print directly onto a 50-meter paper roll, which will be left un-torn to form one continuous document, the length of which will be determined by the amount of work sent by the artists.

The development of this document will be available for public viewing in the gallery during opening times or by appointment.
The Long Take

Event Title: The Long Take
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