Product Clearing by a.a.s.

Plastique Fantastique and Henrik Schrat have created issue #1 of Product Clearing as part of the Eastside Projects programme and NGA Festival. In response, a.a.s. are developing characters and situations from the first issue of the comic in a blog and live performances across the city. The narrative follows three "clears" who have had their relationship to the world changed in mysterious circumstances, and their attempts to understand their new way of experiencing reality.

Viewers are invited to collaborate with them in a variety of ways:

o Follow the blog at the above address (RSS feed available)
o Comment on the blog as a new character, or member of the public who may have seen the CLEARS or have something to add to the topic.
o Send text, photos and drawings to
o Print out a mask from the site, and stage their own activities or ask for details on joining in with a.a.s. performances.

From the results of this a.a.s. will collaborate with Henrik Schrat to produce a second issue of the comic to be part of the One Day Comic exhibition at Eastside Projects (currently timetabled for September 08 but dates may vary)

Product Clearing #1 is available from Eastside Projects, the comic shops Forbidden Planet and Nostalgia & Comics or by emailing

Also, at "GOODS In", a.a.s. will be performing a development of the Plastique Fantastique performance "Accelerator Ritual", reinterpreting the guidelines with reference to elements drawn from their side of the comic project. This performance will be titled "Clearing Station" and will invite the audience to participate in exploring the way consumer culture turns people into machines for desiring and buying products. To combat this a.a.s. will set up an abstract machine, a system to break conditioning.

GOODS In, a one day exhibition curated by Charlie Levine & Harminder Singh Judge at an old furniture factory in Moseley, Birmingham on Saturday 28th June 4-8pm - 332-346 Moseley Road, B12 9AZ.
Product Clearing by a.a.s.

Event Title: Product Clearing by a.a.s.
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