Far West

Xu Bing, David Blandy, Liu Ding, Cao Fei, Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno, Unmask Group, Gunilla Klingberg, Surasi Kusolwong, Michael Lin, Yoko Ono, Maverick Press, SOI Project, Seven Samurai, Janek Simon, Support Structure and Plan 9.

Far West is an experimental project that will transform Arnolfini from an arts venue into a distinctive ‘concept store’, that explores the shifting of the economic centre of the world to the East.

The Far West concept store will provide customers with the experience of interacting with, producing, and then purchasing, a selection of specially branded products, designed by artists or inspired by artists’ projects from ornaments to music, comics, food, toys, and artworks. In the process, customers will gain an insight into the nature of economy, cultural hegemony, the history of certain products, and the marketing potential of regional identities.

The project includes context-led participation projects, off-site presentations, discussion forums, live art and film. The Far West Seminar includes speakers Brian Holmes, Gao Shiming and Shumon Basar

Far West franchise stores will open at locations including: Far West Metro at The Mall, Bristol, Broadmead Shopping Centre; Turner Contemporary, Margate; A Foundation, Liverpool; and RMB City, Second Life. Visit www.farwest.cn for information on the store and the range of products available.

The design of the store will be produced in collaboration with London-based architects Markus Miessen & Ralf Pflugfelder.

Far West will be the first in the CONCEPT STORE series of projects at Arnolfini exploring the interlinked notions of marketing, design, and experience economy.

An Art / Fun activity pack will be available for the exhibition from Arnolfini Bookshop from 5 July. Price £1.

Associated event:

Yuan Cai and JJ Xi - Mad For Real
Outside Arnolfini
Sat 26 Jul 2008, 4 - 4.30pm

Yuan Cai and JJ Xi make strong use of irony in their performance and photographic work, infamously jumping on Tracey Emin’s Bed or pissing on Duchamp's Urinal. Drawing on seemingly banal subject matter they make witty and absurd commentaries through ironic actions and posturing.

Visitors to Arnolfini and passers by will be greeted by the sight of the artists engaged in a soy sauce and ketchup fight in a glass cube on the quayside. Using strong physical and vocal gestures which evoke Tai Chi and Qi Gong, they create splurges of colour slowly obliterating the space around them and their own bodies. After a short time, the audience is literally blocked out through the covered walls. The work is about globalisation and marginalisation: although the popular products of global consumerism are instantly accessible and immediately recognisable, the gradual erosion of clarity through the process of splashing the coloured liquids causes chaos and confusion, and eventual obscurity.