At Table - Ann-Marie LeQuesne with Muriel Louveau

At Table is a series of live performances involving members of the public in the making of an artwork over the course of a day. Artist Ann-Marie LeQuesne will ask participants to form a tableau vivant of the above painting, which suggests two approaches to drinking: excessive consumption, as depicted in the lower table, and the use of restraint as in the upper table. This morality painting lends historical perspective to current discussions about the influence of the state and religion on the individual’s right to choice. Mimicking the postures and expressions of their chosen characters, performers will be given several ‘takes’ in which to develop their characters, making the final version a genuine collaboration between LeQuesne and her audience.

Participants will choose their role from the numbered characters. They can play any role, male or female and need not resemble their character, but they must try to portray his or her expression and position within the painting, wearing their own clothing but augmented by ‘Medieval’ hats and simple costume elements. The performance will be accompanied by pre-recorded and live music, sung by Muriel Louveau, who will play one of the characters as she sings alongside the action of the events that unfold. The performances will be filmed and photographed and a film of the events will be developed. Each participant will receive a photograph of their re-enactment.

Ann-Marie LeQuesne stages events that explore social behaviour within group situations. She asks members of the public to act out a range of roles, using elements of tableau-vivant, re-enactment and ritual. Her requests to collaborators allow for interpretation on their part and the resulting film/photographs may record misunderstanding and the unexpected. This ‘evidence’ takes on the qualities and constraints of documentary footage, recording ‘truth’ in staged situations. Recent projects include TEN - the 10th Annual Group Photograph, in the Starr Auditorium at Tate Modern—part of an ongoing project, now in its eleventh year, in which a group photograph is taken, once a year, at a different and dramatic location; Enclose - a performance in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki, referencing the building of a Mongolian tent; Wave – re-enactments of a photograph taken on the Shackleton Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-16; After the Fact – a re-enactment, at Tate Britain, and ten other locations, of a small photograph supposedly taken at the execution of the Emperor Maximilian in Mexico in 1867.
At Table - Ann-Marie LeQuesne with Muriel Louveau

Event Title: At Table - Ann-Marie LeQuesne with Muriel Louveau
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