Accidental Collective present Lost in Translation

Cambo with another usual Saturday? What’s the craic? Come down to Canterbury city centre on Sat 21 Jun 2008 and discover something nang!

Discover British cities mapped over Canterbury; which cities will you find where? How do we understand our city and how do others understand theirs? And what gets lost in translation?

Kent’s premier performance company, Accidental Collective reveal their new work, Lost in Translation, on Saturday 21st June in their home city of Canterbury. Accidental Collective have performed in shop windows, beaches, and bars, and now this up and coming young company are taking to the streets…

Accidental Collective have collected slang words from young people in eight cities across the U.K., including Canterbury, Manchester and Inverness, amongst others. These words have helped to create a series of small performances and installations that will be unpacked and performed at various points from Westgate to Rose Square. Accidental Collective will unveil Oxford outside the Library and create the Thames along Guildhall Street. It’s an event not to be missed!

“Talking to young people in other cities has given us a real flavour of how they live and experience the places in which they live. What will the audience understand from it? What may be lost? The great thing about the performance is we’re going to be walking around Canterbury and unpacking these different cities at different sites. You can either meet us at Westgate outside the Jaguar garage and follow us round or just encounter us as and when around the city centre. It’s not necessarily about seeing the whole thing, you can just chance upon a random city in the centre of town,” says Daisy Orton of Accidental Collective.

Lost in Translation is part of Canterbury City Council’s 'Summer in the City’ programme and is one of the works that will be representing Canterbury in The Capital Of Culture's 'Portrait of a Nation' project in December in Liverpool. Lost in Translation is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and made with the kind support of Canterbury City Council.

“Accidental Collective make fringe theatre at its very best. InBetween was the highlight of the Canterbury Festival Fringe: engaging, thought-provoking and devilishly funny… Another impressive performance from Accidental Collective, Kent's own quick-thinking-fast-talking pioneers of the theatre of the unexpected.” The Director of Canterbury Festival Fringe 2007 on Accidental Collective’s previous performance, InBetween.
Accidental Collective present Lost in Translation

Event Title: Accidental Collective present Lost in Translation
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