Nils Norman - Visible Virals

Nils Norman has spent the past year working closely with Liverpool’s Parks & Environment Service and parks experts – exploring and photographing Liverpool's major parks and green spaces. The result is a light-hearted advertising campaign, which draws attention to Liverpool’s unique and often little-known parks. He has linked the parks through the city’s public transport system by creating online maps so that everyone can explore the secrets of the city’s parks.

Exploring and recording these diverse and historic public spaces on foot and by public transport, Nils has developed an interesting spin on the conventional advertising campaign and reveals the hidden places and activities of each park. The campaign repackages the parks as if they were a product or holiday destination, sometimes alluding to phrases and buzzwords of classic popular adverts. The posters are being rolled out this summer on buses, bus shelters, in stations and on billboards citywide.

In parallel to this poster campaign, a unique interactive website has been developed so the public can explore the parks online using Google maps and highlighting the parks’ histories, curiosities and interesting details as well as special walks between and inside the parks. Visitors to the site are encouraged to email their own images and favourite places to be added to the site – creating a very special online archive of material for each park.

The website includes the photographs Nils has gathered during his research and the maps and artwork produced for the poster campaign

Visible Virals are at the forefront of the public realm programme, commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company as part of European Capital of Culture 2008 and managed by Liverpool Biennial.

Image Caption: Damaged statue in Wavertree Park Botanical Garden, credit Nils Norman