Ruth Buchanan & Eveline van den Berg - Lying Freely

What defines the exhibition as an event? If not its beginning and end, then how could the modalities of its duration be changed and used to redefine what a show can be?

In their exhibition Lying Freely Ruth Buchanan and Eveline van den Berg attempt to do precisely that. They will treat the time of the show as a medium to work in.

During the duration of the first two weeks the show will function as a device to accumulate materials and experiences which will then be brought together in an event on the closing weekend. On each day of the show one basic object will be displayed and a passage from a book is chosen as a suggested reading for the person invigilating. At the end of the show the objects will be assembled to become a sculpture and the texts will be read in a non-stop reading performance by the artists, which will last as long as it takes to read them all.

During the accumulation period all texts and objects will be exhibited in a basic display and archive system designed for this purpose while two works by Buchanan and van den Berg will create a backdrop for the reading invigilator, designating the space as a site where an event is in the making.

As the temporal parameters of the exhibition are unhinged, the experience of the work is opened up in time. Who will experience the work when and how? The casual visitor, the people attending the final presentation or the invigilator reading and observing the changing space on each day of the show’s duration are bound to have different experiences of the work. All of these experiences in the end will make up the show. But will anyone know what the invigilator read and saw? There is no way to check. If you ask, he or she may just be lying freely.

The accumulation of texts, objects and instructions that form part of Ruth Buchanan and Eveline van den Berg's exhibition 'Lying Freely' is now available at the Lying Freely blog This will be updated each day as the exhibition progresses.

Curated by Jan Verwoert
Ruth Buchanan & Eveline van den Berg - Lying Freely

Event Title: Ruth Buchanan & Eveline van den Berg - Lying Freely
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