‘The city consists of [none other than] the relationships between the measurements of its space and the events of its past.’
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities 1942.

Make/Shift explores temporality, impermanence and [dis]location in the context of the built environment, and the ways in which these elements inform shifting notions of place. The project is made up of a series of 9 one day shows presenting newly developed work by emerging artists and collectives. Based locally and nationally, the featured artists work with sculpture, installation, intervention, participation, text and live events.

The form and experience of the city is proposed as a complex network of spatial and social structures and relations, both real and imaginary; a perpetually modified whole denying clear definition. Make/Shift considers elements of the impermanent, the facade, the immediate, the transitory and the sustainable within these structures and relations; the design and construction processes that comprise the urban system and the networks, groups, encounters and communities formed by its inhabitants. The project also re-examines the perception of the individual daily encounter as fixed within the flow of the city’s immediate history, which alludes to, perhaps misleadingly, a locating of the self in relation to the environment.

The enquiry into the transitory aspects of the city is reflected in both the content and structure of the exhibition, which adjusts the arrangements by which the artists use the space and the audience encounter the work. Though the locality of Sheffield is not referenced directly in all of the works, its geography, industry and its current state of regenerative flux provide appropriate references for these considerations, which bear relevance at a time when issues of the global/local are of particular pertinence within many current discourses.

S1 will be open 12 - 7pm for each individual show, culminating in a closing event and informal discussion on Thursday 10th July 6.30 - 8.30 pm. Drinks will be available on all open days.

Mon 23 June: Jack Fabien

Wed 25 June: Chris Henry Clarke

Fri 27 June: Alex Farrar

Sun 29 June: Robert Lye

Tue 1 July: No Fixed Abode

Thu 3 July: Ben Moon

Sat 5 July: Transit

Mon 7 July: Thom O’Nions

Wed 9 July: Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead

Thu 10 July: Closing event and informal discussion
Alex Hislop will be presenting Art Jock for the duration of the project, culminating at the at the closing event.

Make/Shift is curated by Charlotte A. Morgan

Event Title: Make/Shift
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