Eggs, Flour, Milk, Cheese - 25 ways of keeping occupied

Black Dogs, Leedsí DIY-curious art collective, revisit the gallery exhibition format in their newly expanded form with over 20 art-doers. Art as an everyday activity is chewed over through fan-fiction video homage, committed doodling, chance-poetry readings, obsessive collecting, playing with matches (and match boxes), cup thievery and beer labelling, homeless dog befriending, work-gym-eat cycles and coating things in metal to name but a bit.

Naturally, art as the everyday doesnít fit so easily in the gallery so expect additional off-site and event centred critical-amusement on similar themes through clandestine cafť meet-ups, sibling behavioural experiments and in-house performance etcetera, including the chance to discover what the average perfect Leeds night out is once and for all.

42 New Briggate will act as both the exhibition space and the HQ to experience and discover where many of the satellite activities occur, making attendance at the opening event on Thursday June 12th a prerequisite to ensure exhaustive Black Dogs consumption.

Exhibitors, performers, makers, players and writers include A Couple of Swells (Luke Drozd and Michael Lawton), James Hill, Nick Jones and Jonathan Kenworthy, Rinkadon, Andy Abbott, Lawrence Abu-Hamdan, Haley Roe, Jon Slight, Charlotte Beevor-Reid, No Fixed Abode (Horatio Eastwood and Terry Slater), Lawrence Molloy, Michael Burkitt, Dan Carey, Mick Welbourn, Eleanor Johnson, Eva Rowson, Janis Rafailidou, Iona Smith, Harry Meadley, Alex Farrar, ChloŽ and Bryony Pritchard, Steven Allbutt, Yvonne Carmichael, Jen Ohlson, Dave Ronalds.
Eggs, Flour, Milk, Cheese - 25 ways of keeping occupied

Event Title: Eggs, Flour, Milk, Cheese - 25 ways of keeping occupied
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