Your Imaginary Country

The subject of this project is national and personal identity, and issues of immigration; of borders and restrictions. It is installed in the Mitte region of Berlin, very close to the original site of the Berlin Wall (1961-1989), which is referenced against contemporary issues in the southwest United States and the building of a new "wall." You are invited to participate online. Audience answers are shown online and in the installation space, 85 Choriner Strasse, Mitte, Berlin.

Online participation:

In section one, a comparison is made between general motivations for building the Berlin Wall, which is now a historical relic, and the motivations for building a new "wall," or fence, between the United States and Mexico. In both cases the walls contain or exclude border crossers and immigrants.

In section two, a discussion of these motivations is developed. You may submit anonymous answers to simple questions. There is a version in German, and one in English- answers are compared between Central Europe and the United States/Central America and also in an interactive projection/installation in the gallery space in Berlin. The gallery audience may also submit answers. All answers are anonymous, and are not used for any other purpose except reflection and dialogue.

Please visit the Your Imaginary Country website to participate.

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Your Imaginary Country

Event Title: Your Imaginary Country
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