Changeover - An installation by Rebecca Key

In this new work, Rebecca Key examines the relationship between the artist and gallery space within the institution.

In previous work, Key has transformed the gallery into an arts administration office, and into artist’s studios. In Changeover, the gallery will appear to be in between exhibitions. Remnants of the previous show (The Martha Rosler Library) will be placed alongside elements of a fictitious subsequent show - as Changeover will be the final exhibition to be held in the Art School’s 68 Hope Street Gallery before its move to the new Art and Design Academy.

By demystifying process, and dressing the space in a certain way, allows preconceived ideas of the gallery space to be challenged, along with our assumptions of reality, visual narration and framing. This work will question the value systems associated with the artist and their artwork.

Rebecca Key MFA, BA(Hons) lives and works in the North West of England. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and also works as an Art Director in the film and television industry. She is currently undertaking a practice based Masters in Research at the Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University.

“Key creates installations that examine social space. She has previously created an arts administrator’s office in a gallery space, a creative inversion that ought to have been too near the knuckle for many.”

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Changeover - An installation by Rebecca Key

Event Title: Changeover - An installation by Rebecca Key
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