Curators Paul Harfleet and Hilary Jack are delighted to announce Artranspennine08 the third incarnation of the largest cross regional art exhibition of its kind. Over forty emerging and established artists will be placing artworks, staging events, making videos, and hosting exhibitions in multiple venues and locations throughout the Pennines. From Hull to Liverpool, Sheffield to Manchester artists will be creating fascinating responses to the notion of the transpennine region first mooted in 1998.

Andrew Bracey will surreptitiously place his adorned beer mats in pubs through out the region. An expedition will be launched by Nick Jordan and Jacob Cartwright in search of the source of the River Mersey. Mike Chavez-Dawson will be visualising all the art works from the previous artranspennine exhibitions. Abandoned rugby balls will instruct passers by to engage in a game of rugby left in various locations around Leeds by artist Jason Minsky.

Since Artranspennine 03 a plethora of online activity has democratized the distribution of artworks and created new exhibition contexts, artists have been quick to inhabit this cheap and easy way of promoting their work. Harfleet and Jack have embraced this cyber activity using a blog as the hub to direct artists and the public to the locations of the works, and are utilising Photobucket, Facebook and Youtube as exhibition space. A launch event and open day will be held at International 3 in Manchester on the 13th and 14th of June where artists will be able to promote their work to press and public and learn about the work of other participants.

Image caption: Becky Bowley, Transmerge, Performance 2008