Parallel Voices 2008

For Parallel Voices 2008, the celebrated British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien has invited a group of pre-eminent artists (including the acclaimed Yvonne Rainer) and curators to discuss the intersection of visual arts and performance. In this series of three talks, at Londonís Siobhan Davies Studios they will meet to share ideas, experiences and theories, demonstrating their interest in the evolution of and connection between art, movement and performance. Before each talk there will be screenings of associated films by Bruce Nauman, Pablo Bronstein, Yvonne Rainer and Isaac Julien.

Fri 13 Jun, film 6.30pm, talk 7.30pm
Bruce Nauman: inventory and experience
Visual artist Bruce Nauman has used all mediums from dance to media installation in his work, and has invented a method called ĎPheNAUMANologyí. Curators Christine Van Assche and Mark Nash will discuss with Isaac Julien Naumanís application of acting, moving and performance in his work. Naumanís Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square can be seen before the talk.

Fri 4 Jul, films 6.30pm, talk 7.30pm
Visual arts and performance: the private and common imagination
With the re-emergence of the body in performance in contemporary arts practice, artist Pablo Bronstein and writer and curator Helena Blaker discuss with Isaac Julien conceptual artís staging of the body in the public arena and its impact on cultural histories through architecture and film. Bronsteinís recent work Paternoster Square can be seen before the talk. Julienís early and rarely seen film work The Conservatorís Dream will be shown at the beginning of the talk.

Fri 25 Jul, film 6pm, talk 7.30pm
The conceptual in choreography
Choreographer-filmmaker Yvonne Rainer talks to curators Catherine Wood and Mark Nash about her long career in connection to conceptual art and performance, and her transition from dance to experimental film and recent return to choreography. Rainerís film Lives of Performers can be seen before the talk.

Tickets: £8/£6 concessions
Parallel Voices 2008

Event Title: Parallel Voices 2008
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