CAPTIVATED - The Art of the Interned

Since the start of the global War on Terror, there has been a systematic removal of human rights and civil liberties through seemingly legal processes. These include:

-Control Orders
-Special Immigration Appeals Commission

Detention without charge, having been deemed illegal by the highest court in the UK, has once again been established through alternative counter-terrorism measures reliant on secret evidence, to keep individuals detained and threatened with deportation to torture.

Cageprisoners and Together: working for well being are hosting a unique art exhibition, comprising the works of those men, detained without trial in the UK, to highlight the mental health concerns and the hidden human tragedy taking place, all in the name of security.

Mon 16 Jun 2008, 6.30-9.30pm

Speakers Include:

Moazzam Begg, Cageprisoners spokesman and former detainee
Victoria Brittain, Journalist and Playwright
Cerie Bullivant, Former control order detainee
Baronness Helena Kennedy, Barrister and writer
Gareth Peirce, Lawyer for detainees
Yvonne Ridley, Author and broadcaster
Manjinder Virk, Actress

Please note:
Spaces are limited to 150 people.
Please book places in advance.

For further information visit the Cageprisoners website
CAPTIVATED - The Art of the Interned

Event Title: CAPTIVATED - The Art of the Interned
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