Visions in the Nunnery - Exhibition and series of events

Visions in the Nunnery has become an unmissable event for artists working with the moving image. This year, it includes recent work by established and emerging artists worldwide as well as special screenings, performances and talks. The variety of conceptual approaches and aesthetic choices shows a medium alive with enthusiasm and questions.

Tessa Garland, Cinzia Cremona and Darshana Vora have selected from 500 International enties to orchestrate a reflective and unforgettable series of curated events.

The concluding Critical Forum will be an opportunity to discuss the curatorial approaches and works with the artists, and reflect on the different languages and forms of the moving image.

Artists Include
Andrew Cross, Cinzia Cremona, Ori Gersht, Mare Tralla, Simon Payne, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Dinu Li, Steven Ball, Carl Rohumma, Nada Prlja and Jean-Gabriel Periot.

Background on The Nunnery Gallery
The Nunnery is a contemporary gallery space and is part of the Bow Arts Trust. The gallery programme is project driven, initiating and developing projects that reflect and address issues in contemporary art. In doing so, the gallery works with a range of artists, curators, writers and arts organisations. Visitors can expect to see current contemporary work across all disciplines of the visual arts.

Free Special Events:
- A screening event, Works on Water including recent work by Andrew Cross, curated by Ricarda Vidal, 12 6 pm Sat 6 Sun 7 Jun
- A screening and talk with Tracey Warr, Sat 14 Jun at 2pm
- A digital performance and critical forum, Sun 15 Jun at 2pm
- International selection Fri 6, Sat 7, Sat 14 and Sun 15 Jun 2008

Image caption: Jon Monaghan Jesus, Jesus Christ
Visions in the Nunnery - Exhibition and series of events

Event Title: Visions in the Nunnery - Exhibition and series of events
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