Another Roadside Attraction is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of new contemporary art. One of our current projects is PROJECT, a monthly video art evening in the Griffin pub in Shoreditch.

The event has no central unifying theme to allow artists and the viewer to play a more active roll in its outcome, acting instead as an international survey of cutting edge and progressive film and video art.

Featured artists include:

Nora Adwan
Joćo Biscainho
Christophe Bruchansky
Emily Candela
Dave Green
Christopher Hall
Anton Hecht
Alex Hetherington
Alexander Kelly and Christopher Hall
Robin Kiteley
Claudia Mateus
Claire McArdle
Richard O Sullivan
Camilla Robinson
Mikio Saito and Youngho Lee
David Sherry
Marianne Templeton
John Younge

criticalnetwork features an ongoing call for submissions for this series of events. To view the call for submissions click here

Event Title: PROJECT
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