'Out of Place'

'Out of Place' showcases photo, video and installation works by seven Chinese artists, most of whom are postgraduates from Xiamen University Art College. The exhibition reflects the concerns of these young Chinese artistsí about the reality in China now. They see the world from different angles: perspectives captured through their personal vision and now articulated in their art works.

The exhibition explores these unique perceptions and experiences, and highlights the sometimes jarring juxtaposition of cultures, events and imagery in a world somehow now 'Out of Place'.

Yang Jianís work focuses on a series of portraits of a white-collar young man. The artist chose and arranged various scenes according to his intuition and feelings to capture the inner turmoil and confusion of the man. Min Lanís works are about factories that manufacture export products. Combining scenes from a factory workshop with performances, the artist instills her childhood memories, Father Christmas and some fictitious imagination into a working factory environment. In this way the symbolism conveyed through the fictional characters becomes clear and her works carry multi-layers.

Wei Naís photography works uses documentary methods. Her inspiration comes from a piece of news from local newspapers about decisions made by the government to demolish all the open food markets in her city within a year, and transform them into indoor supermarkets. In her opinion this means that a traditional culture patterns and ways of living are about to vanish.

The theme of Zeng Huanguangís works is about the various changes taking place in Chinese cities during the course of demolishing and developing areas. He has collected many nameplates of streets and homes, tokens of communities that have now disappeared because of city development plans. He will place them along the streets of Barrow, and invite viewers to make their own associations. Chen Weiís video works are a reflection of his personal inner experience. They relate to a kind of lonely feeling that he is trying to capture in his video art. The artist uses a number of images to convey this sense of isolation, a stage containing a single bed, white sheets and ice-cubes that gradually melt as time goes by.

Many of the art works on display were especially made for this exhibition.

This exhibition has been made possible through the support from Visiting Arts and British Council.
'Out of Place'

Event Title: 'Out of Place'
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