Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F. Kerr - FOR WHOM DO YOU SPEAK?

To be creolized means a language created through mishearing or mistranslation. In this collaboration Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F. Kerr look at the fractured communication (oral and visual) between people who speak completely different languages.

Miyuki has collected over 150 images and/or text from people across the world, from USA; Canada; Japan; China; Tibet; India; and Europe (inc. UK) all from those who use non-European Languages. The languages include Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese); Hindi; Japanese; Korean; New Zealand Maori; Persian, Taiwanese & Tibetan.

This is similar to the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) projects, such as NASA's Voyager 1 & 2 Spacecraft that carries disks with a "message to Aliens". The contributors were asked to communicate their own "message in a bottle" to whoever might view it in the exhibition.

At the opening visitors will be able to form a new language through linking the installation (by Miyuki) to a performance (by Calum).

Viewers will be able to look at these multifarious messages through 'spy holes' in the larger shed. During the opening they will be able to write or draw interpretations of what they saw and take them to Calum in the smaller shed. Then through an agreed form (that could be drawn, a gesture or spoken) they will reach a final translation of what was seen. Throughout the lead-up Calum has not been allowed to see any of the images or text involved.

The artists are looking to share these messages sent from afar and through interpretation and translation see what new forms can be discovered.


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Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F. Kerr - FOR WHOM DO YOU SPEAK?

Event Title: Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F. Kerr - FOR WHOM DO YOU SPEAK?
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