PureScreen #20;: Let The User Speak Next (Mapping Place and Space)

PureScreen #20; draws together a selection of new international work, from the open submission call, to examine the various ways that artists engage with concepts and techniques of filmmaking as a way of mapping place and space.

This curated programme explores ideas around architecture and landscape, and both physical structure and imagined or unseen spatial territories. It addresses the intersection between ideas and peripheries of space, place and mobility in contemporary artists’ experimental film and video practice.

In investigating complexities of cinematic cartographies, geographies of space, liminal landscapes and non-places, the selected artists use the camera as a way to express our relationship to environments and address our sense of place. The films focus on landscape as mise-en-scène; manmade, urban and natural environments; the industrial and the pastoral; the reality or the experience of architectural space, light and shadow, stillness and movement.

Ultimately the works call into question how film can create a fluid sense of place rather than a fixed notion, and how a time-based art can be used as a way to express space.

Tal Amiran / London, UK
Untitled (Fairground) / 2006 / 3’ 13”

Alan Bogana & Dave Green / Sheffield, UK
Here and Here / 2006 / 5’ 46”

Andrea Fitzpatrick / Sheffield, UK
Inverleith / 2007 / 9’ 20”

Esther Johnson / Sheffield, UK
Tune In / 2006 / 14’ 16”

Nick Jordan / Manchester, UK
Let the User Speak Next / 2006 / 10’ 00”

Claire McArdle / London, UK
I’ve Gone Away / 2007 / 2’ 37”

Kristin Mojsiewicz / Glasgow, UK
Gole / 2006 / 3’ 33”

Matteo Rosa / Malmö, Sweden
Libero / 2005 / 1’

Alistair Ruff / Bristol, UK
Sunrise to Sunset / 2007 / 4’ 42”

Veronika Spierenburg / London, UK
Marks on the Wall / 2007 / 15’ 36”

PureScreen is Castlefield Gallery’s screening event for artist’s film and video. Curated from open submissions, the programme provides a platform for outstanding recent work and aims to support new and emerging practitioners.

Free Admission. Limited capacity. Booking Required. To book please call Castlefield Gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email events@castlefieldgallery.co.uk

Visit the Castlefield Gallery website for programme details and to download PureScreen: Film & Video Artists Information Pack. PureScreen is supported by Arts Council England.

Image credit: Tal Amiran. Untitled (Fairground), 2006
PureScreen #20;: Let The User Speak Next (Mapping Place and Space)

Event Title: PureScreen #20;: Let The User Speak Next (Mapping Place and Space)
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