Rational Rec presents Unnatural Histories

Ken Hollings and Oort perform A Prayer to Gojira:
Ken will read a specially prepared text to appease the god lizard, backed by deep space resonance from Oort (guitars, synths, theremin and electronics from Otto Amon, Richard Guest, Zali Krishna, Bruce Woolley).

Esoteric cartographer Gary Lachman discusses the homonculus and the golem as mediaeval precursors to artificial life.

Audiovisual archaeology from Ghost Box recordings.

Film screenings:
- Hibernator by London Fieldworks
- The Sound of Microclimates by Semiconductor
- An Insidious Intrusion by Tessa Farmer and Sean Daniels

Panel discussion on the evening's themes with all our contributors.

Stalls from Strange Attractor Press, Ghost Box, The English Heretic, Dreamflesh and more.

Mark Pilkington is a musician and co-founder of the journal Strange Attractor.

Ken Hollings is a writer, broadcaster and lecturer with special interests in technology, science fiction and experimental music.

"I was a little sceptical when I first heard about it, but my friends were coming so I though I'd give it a try. I'll see you next month..."
- Random guy at the bar, first-time and now regular visitor to Rational Rec, October 2006
Rational Rec presents Unnatural Histories

Event Title: Rational Rec presents Unnatural Histories
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