Temporary Agency

Temporary Agency - a three-day series of performative actions exploring concepts of value, free labour and social networks in the arts.

From Tue 29 Apr to Thu 1 May 2008, the Committee for Radical Diplomacy/ Micropolitics Research Group, Emma Leach and Yara El-Sherbini will utilise a diverse range of playful strategies incorporating a workshop, a micro performance and an auction.

Temporary Agency aims to employ strategies of resistance and enquiry into the orthodoxies of the financial and labour systems in the arts.

Tue 29 Apr 2008
Committee for Radical Diplomacy /Micropolitics Research Group - 'PHOTOROMANCE: Staging the sagas of our aspiration'

The Workshop:"...Do you mean my 'real work' or 'what I do for money'?..." (1 - 5 pm)

Internships, work experience, job placements and voluntary invigilation are often seen as a step on the ladder towards professional life. Increasingly, however they are becoming a structural condition masking the crumbling of public culture as we knew it.

Passions, seduction, desires and betrayal all play a role in the experience of working for free. How do we survive and narrate the internship drama?

Characters, wigs, speech bubbles, gestural tableaux: this photoromance shoot is a serious investigation in disguise. We will reflect upon what we learn from free labour and how we might stage our aspirations otherwise.

All welcome - please pre-register so that we know how many to expect by contacting Sonya Dyer: s.dyer@chelsea.arts.ac.uk - to register.

The Party (6:30 - 8.30 pm)
An evening of despondent dancing and joyful analysis.

Wed 30 Apr 2008
Emma Leach - 'Your torch is burning brightly...' (7 - 9 pm)

Emma Leach has recruited a small number of 'temporary agents' from Chelsea College of Art & Design. They will be positioned in the gallery to observe and to be observed in a gentle intervention, which invites the audience to reconsider some of the hierarchies of the art industry. Power rests in the hands of the audience, to reward or ignore the actions of the students.

Thu 1 May 2008
Yara El-Sherbini - Auctions speak louder than words ( 6 - 8.30pm, Auction at 7.30pm)

Come along to an evening of networking, where artists, curators, critics, press, gallerists and anyone else, can relax over free wine and some live art.

Social connective-ness is one of the most powerful determinants of our well being; the more integrated we are within our community, the less likely we are to experience colds, heart attacks, cancer, depression, and premature death of all sorts. So, since social isolation can be unhealthy, come on down, the price is right (it's free) to CHELSEA space on Thu 1 May.

Temporary Agency is curated by Sonya Dyer
Temporary Agency

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