Martina Mullaney - Killing Time

For Martina Mullaney’s residency at the daniel Shand Gallery she will collaborating with a group of homeless people on the project Killing Time.

At present she is building an archive of photographs made by homeless people in various cities. To date Martina has two archives, from Dublin and Swansea. The work is a long-term project that Martina aims to make in a number of cities around the world.

Words from Martina Mullaney
The work involves me approaching homeless organisations in a given city. I work down through the hierarchy of institutions and staff until I can make contact with hostel residents and rough sleepers. I then offer disposable cameras to people and ask that they take photographs while killing time, during the day. I take the photographs made and edit them down to a number greater than the sum of those who accepted a camera. The end result is an installation of photographs in a gallery space.

For the present, it is a living archive made in collaboration with those who feel that they have no say or contribution to make to what is collectively thought to be civilised society. I am an artist who comes from an education in the documentary approach to making art. My practice has been described as one that deals with a community of the lonely. I have an interest in the lives of those who for one reason or another choose to or find themselves living alone.

I am particularly interested in London as a possible contributor to the archive for a number of reasons. Frequently described as one of the most important cities in the world, rich in culture, a destination for tourists and big business. It has also an active, if for the most part unseen, homeless community.
Martina Mullaney - Killing Time

Event Title: Martina Mullaney - Killing Time
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