Futuresonic 2008

Futuresonic is an annual festival of art, music and ideas. It involves a freeform mix of live events, exhibitions, workshops and talks in up to 30 different venues and spaces across Manchester UK. Futuresonic was established in 1995, with the first major festival was in September 1996, and has since presented projects in Asia, Africa, N America, S America and Europe.

Futuresonic occupies the orbits of both digital culture and music, and was one of the events that brought those worlds together in the mid 1990s. Musically its roots are in club culture and the tradition of electronic dance music that began with Jamaican dub. It is well known for its art and technology events - it has played a leading role in mobile and locative media, and a current focus is social technologies, art and the city.

The festival presents live music performances focusing on the best and up-and-coming music. It also commissions unique one-off projects and artist collaborations, with a special emphasis on projects using emerging technologies.

It has explored many themes, and stages exhibitions and events on technology culture and social issues. It is a place where important international discussions take place.

ART: Social Networking Unplugged
Futuresonic presents a sideways and playful look at social networking, in the first major art exhibition to present a comprehensive and creative look at social networking.

CONFERENCE: Social Technologies Summit
A 2 day summit exploring how technologies can create an extension of social space or support group interaction, and asks how we can make technology more social.

Futuresonic has a growing reputation for breaking new artforms and technologies. It promotes innovative forms of participation such as the EVNTS 'wiki-festival' strand which enables people to stage autonomous events as a part of the festival. A focus in recent years has been presenting artworks in unexpected city spaces, and on social art and social technologies.

Futuresonic and Future Everything could not exist without the generous support of funders, partners, advisory group members and all the many people who have helped us since the organisation was established in 1995.
Futuresonic 2008

Event Title: Futuresonic 2008
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