Bang For Your Buck

The exhibition brings together 5 MA Fine Art students from Wimbledon College of Art. Each practice approaches everyday activities, objects and actions through a variety of means that are primarily conceptually led. It will be a multi-disciplinary show to include video, performance, sculpture and drawing.

Everyday acts are turned into quiet witticisms (using video & performance) that question their validity and opposing falsehood. The mechanics of the body, its possibilities, gestures and movements as an object, within a totalising system of objects, are of key concern in his practice.

Her work interjects ironic notions of theatricality upon human actions and everyday objects, stripping back or switching the contexts in which they occur. She often employs a humorous methodology as a means of re-questioning the 'normative' utility of objects.

Often sited in the context of the 'public', her practice explores human relationships and loss, taking the form of initiated moments, conversations and discrete interventions. Her work allows for physical spaces of reflection within the concerted rush of everyday life.

A largely sculptural practice that critiques our relationship with social communication, often within a domestic context. He manufactures work that plays upon a narrative of absent performers or characters through a formally minimal aesthetic.

Patterns form in Chris Shaw's work: steady, undulating, rhythmic. His interests lie in the differences within repetition; the innumerable nuances that enrich experience: how bubbles rise and pop on surfaces. Always different. Always the same.
Bang For Your Buck

Event Title: Bang For Your Buck
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