Mike Murray - Building Blocks / Jennie Savage - A Million Moments

Mike Murray - Building Blocks

Preview: Fri 4 Apr 2008, 6.30-9pm
Exhibition: Sat 5 Apr – Mon 5 May 2008

Mike Murray is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has covered themes referring to place, nature and technology, as well as attempting to balance out personal significance/analysis and objective interpretation.

He considers himself to be both a Welsh artist and an artist of mixed nationality – having spent the majority of his life in Wales and having learnt the language – though he was born a stone’s throw away in Birkenhead. This internal battle of nationality is significant in his work. For this show he has produced a piece called ‘Broader Disputes’ in which he has taken a readymade, a found dead tree that has breached and crossed the fence on which it was resting. The tree and the ‘border’ have become one object

As part of an ongoing socially/process-driven artwork, Mike has also created a digitally manipulated triptych. The image is made up of the following: a image of graffiti on a wall in a park, a virtual tree – inspired by the Buddhist demon Mahakala (the demon who has the power to devour time), and a mirrored image of the wall in the park which Mike 'cleaned up' using Photoshop. The resulting image was printed (2.7x0.8m) onto Foamex and reinstalled into the same park – to let nature take its course. After two months of being out in the open, the work will be installed in the gallery come rain, hail or graffiti artist.

Mike also plans to install a mechanically driven desk ¬¬– which makes a lot of noise and movement but does not actually do anything or shows any evidence of ownership, making associations to the paper work involved in our daily grind and lack of ownership of the desk in modern offices, i.e. ‘hot desking’. The desk is made up of various 'bits and bobs' giving the appearance of a mechanical version of Dada (anti art) assemblage artist Kurt Schwitters.

Other pieces include 3D computer animated trees, which have been hyper-manipulated so that they lose any resemblance to their natural starting points. Mikes work is a combination of several elements but at its core a meandering sense of rootlessness and of the parallel paths of the natural and the man made.


Jennie Savage - A million moments

Special arcade screening: Fri 18 Apr 2008, 8-9.15pm
Screenings at g39: Sat 19 Apr – Sat 3 May 2008, Wed - Sat 11am-5.30pm
Pre-booking required

A Million Moments is the first project in a series of explorations across Cardiff’s arcades and shopping centres, undertaken by artist Jennie Savage. Cardiff boasts the highest concentration of arcades in the entire country, an exceptional and often overlooked feature of the City. These Victorian shopping arcades are a considerable asset to Cardiff’s commercial landscape: these architectural delights are home to a wealth of small, independently run shops and businesses. One of these is the artist-run space g39, who initiated this, the first artist residency in Wyndham Arcade. Jennie is developing the project further with Safle to offer a lasting impression of all of the Cardiff arcades throughout and beyond the radical changes to our city centre landscape.

The first arcade in the project is Wyndham Arcade, in which Jennie Savage will be screening the film A Million Moments. This site-specific film seeks to re-construct and make visible the Arcade through the stories, narratives and histories the artist has discovered during her residency. Wyndham Arcade was built in 1886 and is the second oldest of Cardiff’s Victorian arcades. Having evolved from a medieval right of way on the banks of the River Taff it has had a chequered and colourful past, from sex shops to Russian bears, oyster sellers to rugby stars, flop house slums to professional hockey players. The traders’ community has seen many changes, whilst the Arcade itself has aspirations for a future on the doorstep of the impending St David’s 2 development.

There will be three screenings in Wyndham Arcade on Fri 18 Apr 2008. Places are limited and pre-booking will be required. To find out more and book a place visit the g39 website
Mike Murray - Building Blocks / Jennie Savage - A Million Moments

Event Title: Mike Murray - Building Blocks / Jennie Savage - A Million Moments
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