Nedko Solakov - The Street

To launch the Whitechapelís project, The Street, Solakov offers one lucky winner a unique, specially created artwork. To enter this year-long lottery, an item worth at least £5 must be purchased from Petticoat Lane Market. This item is then deposited and displayed at the projectís headquarters - The Shop, in Toynbee Street - along with the purchaserís contact details. At the end of the year, a trader from the market will pick a winner from the accumulated archive.

Playing with traditions of commerce and exchange, Solakov simultaneously entwines and explores the economies of a street market and the art market.

The Street:
A year-long series of artistsí commissions in and around Wentworth Street. Home to Petticoat Lane Market, Wentworth Street runs from Londonís financial district to Brick Lane.

Over one year, specially commissioned projects and events by Canal - a collective of artists & curators, Minerva Cuevas, Jens Haaning, Henry VIIIís Wives, Bernd Krauss, Shimabuku and Nedko Solakov will take place around The Street Ė just a stoneís throw from the Whitechapel Gallery.

The first commissioned artist, launching the project on Sun 30 Mar 2008 is Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov whose work explores the potential of art to be a catalyst for social change. Working from a disused shop, the artists will navigate the context of the street through public interventions, events, installations and performances.
Nedko Solakov - The Street

Event Title: Nedko Solakov - The Street
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