Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper

From Wed 2 Apr to Wed 21 May 2008, OUTPOST will provide a context for a programme of social events hosted by Kaavous Clayton. In line with his role as host Clayton has approached designer Martino Gamper to help him furnish the OUTPOST exhibition space with objects conceived with social uses in mind. This collaboration, whilst providing a substructure for the events, acts as the initializing social moment and marks the new (albeit temporary) usage of the space.

The programme of social events is yet to be drawn out. However, due to the openness of OUTPOST’s invitation to participate - which asks only that the event can be understood as social - the programme is likely to consist of a wide range of activities. Several interested parties have already come forward offering live music, amateur dramatics and discussion groups. As they are programmed from 1 April, events will be advertised on a timetable on display at OUTPOST. Please note that during opening hours, on occasions when no events are scheduled the space can still be used by visitors for informal meetings.

- There are no restrictions on who can submit a proposal to host an event within the programme -

To download an invitation to propose and host an event and a proposal form click here

Kaavous Clayton lives and works in Norwich. He was a member of the founding steering committee of OUTPOST and is currently involved in several art initiatives in and around Norwich. He has previously worked on socially engaged projects, most notably in Germany where he collaborated on re-designing the interior of a Dresden community centre.

Martino Gamper is a designer based in London. He is currently presenting “Total Trattoria” at the Aram Gallery, which explores - through design - the “dining event”. Gamper also recently completed a project entitled “100 Chairs in 100 Days”.
Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper

Event Title: Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper
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