Asia Triennial Manchester 08 - Channel_A and p-10

To what extent does location, nationality and geography play a role in the production, direction and dissemination of contemporary art? For ATM08, Castlefield Gallery has invited two artist groups from the islands of Taiwan and Singapore to present new site-specific work in the island of Great Britain. Channel_A (Hongjohn Lin and Ella Raidel) from Taiwan and p-10 (represented by Woon Tien Wei, Jennifer Teo working with collaborators Jeremy Chu and Kai Lam) from Singapore have both developed work that engages with the cultural, political and social climates they operate in, through different avenues of enquiry.

Channel_A has developed work responding to the 17th Century born George Psalmanaazaar, a bogus Taiwanese who was welcomed into the high society of London. In his book An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, he depicts Formosa (Taiwan) as a fanciful wonderland generating elaborate myths around every facet of life, from the costumes worn, to the language spoken and religious traditions to their diet. Based on his life and the book by Psalmanaazaar, Channel_A has reinvented Psalmanaazaar’s identity in the world of real-estate to explore the notion of property and fantasy in present day Manchester and Taiwan in an attempt to continue one of Psalmanaazaar’s unfulfilled tasks.

p-10 has developed a Symposium of the Local around the idea of ‘localness’ within a framework of interpersonal dialogue. Through a series of investigative meetings they aim to unpack the loaded term of ‘the local’ and the implicit meanings it holds within the context of the international art Triennial / Biennial. The symposium will bring together British based artists and groups who produce work in response to their local context and explore different notions of their ‘localities’ thus offering a comparative study of creative strategies employed by these artists and their engagement with their local communities.

In addition to the new work by Channel_A and p-10, Castlefield Gallery will host the teahouse hub in the Upper Gallery in which visitors will be able to drink tea brought to Manchester by the artists showing at the various ATM08 venues across Manchester thereby representing the participating countries of Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. There will also be a travelling teahouse located throughout Greater Manchester, a network of temporary sites that will host a range of talks, panel discussions, performances, workshops and events commonly linked under the teahouse idea.

For updates and info on all the events and venues see the Asia Triennial website.

Top: Channel_A
Bottom: p-10
Asia Triennial Manchester 08 - Channel_A and p-10

Event Title: Asia Triennial Manchester 08 - Channel_A and p-10
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