Artes Mundi 3 - International Exhibition and Art Prize

Artes Mundi 3 presents recent work by nine artists who question who we are and the societies we live in. From enormous textiles and paintings to compelling photography and video installations, this stimulating and thought provoking exhibition explores different perspectives on life and art.

Lida Abdul was the first official representative for Afghanistan in 2005 in the Venice Biennale’s100 year history. For the past few years Abdul has been working in different parts of Afghanistan on projects exploring the relationship between architecture and identity.

Vasco Araújo’s work has been described as Baroque in its literary, historical and art historical references. Exploring ideas of community and marginality, he draws the viewer into looking at society, providing both honest as well as artificial reflections.

Mircea Cantor is a Romanian artist whose work is attracting increasing international attention, combines layered meanings and questions to investigate the conventions of image and object making and issues of immigration, national identity and wealth.

Dalziel + Scullion are interested in observing the more-than-human life forms we live amongst, attempts to re-immerse human experience in the depth of a living world. Their work encourages us to look anew at our habitat, questioning what significance our estrangement from nature will have on our future survival.

N. S. Harsha is an Indian artist whose work reveals a political commentary within a framework of Indian miniature painting, the modern Indian narrative tradition and popular art.

Abdoulaye Konaté combines painting skills with installation work to make a powerful commentary on political and environmental affairs. His current work involves a questioning of the political, social and economic scenes in contemporary Mali, including AIDS, wars, ecological issues, human rights and globalisation.

Susan Norrie has confronted and examined her deep held fears for our environment for over two decades, creating compelling work that explores industrial damage, nuclear testing and climate change.

Rosângela Rennó recasts and transforms appropriated photographic images, finding novel and often politically charged ways of presenting them. Her work is also profoundly humane, as the viewer finds themselves imagining other people’s lives, particularly those who are marginalized or unacknowledged.

The Artes Mundi 3 Prize, worth 40,000 British Pounds, will be awarded on Thu 24 April by an international jury comprising Xu Bing, Jack Persekian, Tuula Arkio and David Alston. The prize, awarded every two years, recognises outstanding emerging artists from around the world who discuss the human condition.

This third selection was made by independent curators Isabel Carlos from Portugal, the Artistic Director of the Sydney Biennale in 2004 and Olabisi Silva from Nigeria, who co-curated the Dakar Biennale in 2006. “Our aim was to select exciting, emerging artists who provoke and debate the fundamental questions of life and art,” said Carlos.
Artes Mundi 3 - International Exhibition and Art Prize

Event Title: Artes Mundi 3 - International Exhibition and Art Prize
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