Team Spirit: The Art of Collaborative Practice

The Artists’ Studio at The New Art Gallery Walsall has played host to a number of artists who work in partnership including Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, current artists in residence Juneau Projects and forthcoming occupants Simon and Tom Bloor.

This support for collaborative relationships mirrors the rise in group-based and collective art practices which have become a familiar part of the artistic landscape over the last decade. However, despite moving into the mainstream, the process of artistic collaboration continues to raise a number of fundamental questions surrounding authorship, authenticity and audience relationships. And whilst artists continue to work with each other, they’re increasingly engaging the skills, knowledge and mind-sets of other creative practitioners such as architects, writers and film makers.

This free, afternoon-long seminar opens up the opportunity to discuss various models of collaborative working and the social, political and creative reasons for doing so. Chaired by writer and lecturer Emma Cocker, a series of discussions will be ignited by presentations from collaborative duo Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie, artists’ collective The Hut Project, occasional collaborators S Mark Gubb and Gordon Dalton, and artist Lothar Götz who has recently collaborated with Caruso St. John architects.

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Booking essential – please reserve your free place in advance by calling 01922 654400
Team Spirit: The Art of Collaborative Practice

Event Title: Team Spirit: The Art of Collaborative Practice
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