Alchemy at The Manchester Museum

Alchemy is The Manchester Museumís first sustained research programme for artists. Alchemy initiates and facilitates artistsí access to The Manchester Museum and The University of Manchester. Principally, we support four Alchemy Artist Fellowships, curate interventions in permanent galleries, host events, ad help make possible the loan of Museum collections for contemporary art projects.

Through supporting artists research and the creation of new work, Alchemy aims to reinvigorate Museum displays, encourage diverse approaches and present alternative voices, creating an exciting programme of contemporary art and revealing inspiring research.

Upcoming Events & Exhibitions:

Alchemy Night
Fri 14 Mar 2008, 6 - 8pm
Private view of all exhibitions, launch of publications by Jordan Baseman and Jamie Shovlin, special screenings and tours.

The Big Alchemy Discussion
Sat 15 Mar 2008, 2 - 4pm
Join all the Alchemy artists, Bryony Bond Alchemy Curator, Jeff Horsley Head of exhibitions and Presentation at The Manchester Museum, and Poly Staple, independent curator and editor at large of Frieze, in an open discussion about the Alchemy project.

Nick Jordan & Jacob Cartwright
MoNO: Museum of Native Oaks

Sat 19 Jan to Sun 27 Apr 2008
On the first floor, in between Animal Life 1 and Ancient Egypt
An exploration of all things oak, through artefacts from The Manchester Museum's collection, including a 4000 year old shovel, boxes of oak galls, insects, newspaper clippings and botanical sheets from the herbarium, to a new short film by Cartwirght and Jordan: Descriptions and Sketches of Some Remarkable Oaks. Filmed amongst the venerable oaks of Sherwood Forest, the film's soundtrack is a reading of William Cowper's epic unfinished poem Yardley Oak, written in 1791.

Jamie Shovlin
The Manchester Local Collection

Sat 16 Feb - Sun 1 Jun 2008
Throughout The Manchester Museum
The results of Jamie Shovlin's attempt to 'establish one of the most visibly absent parts of the Manchester Museum's collections - a 'local' collection (for local people)' showing the collection of objects Shovlin bought on eBay responding to the survey he conducted with Museum visitors asking what object represents Manchester. Not many people gave a single object as an answer, instead suggesting ideas, people or monuments. Shovlin's attempts to encompass suggestions such as the industrial revolution, the tram system or Anthony H. Wilson form a trail around the Museum.

Ilana Halperin
Physical Geology

Sat 15 Mar - Sun 1 Jun 2008
Situated on the third floor special exhibitions space
At The Manchester Museum, artist Ilana Halperin has been exploring the collections of fossils and rocks. Like palaeontologists who look at fossils to find out about prehistoric life, and geologists who study rocks to understand how the Earth is formed, Ilana is interested in rocks and fossils and how they physically evidence past events. This exhibition shows Ilana Halperins's new work together with fossil and rock collections from The Manchester Museum, artworks from the Whitworth Art Gallery and books from John Rylands University Library. These diverse records often describe the same geological event, but are generally not shown together because some are classed as art and others as scientific evidence.

Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
West Point and New Madrid

Sat 15 Mar to Sun 1 Jun 2008
Situated in Animal Life 2
Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan have made two new films centred upon some species, events and locations described by the 19th century artist, ornithologist, frontiersman John James Audubon, which accompanied his major work The Birds of America (1827). The films explore the territory between cultural and ecological history, the past and present, and the human activities that alter and shape the natural world.

Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy
The installation by internationally acclaimed artist Mark Dion is on permanent display in the Museum's Special Projects space.
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Publications by Jordan Baseman and Jamie Shovlin are also available at the Museum shop, or email to order a copy.

All events and exhibitions take place at The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL. All events and exhibitions are free, please phone 0161 275 2648 to reserve places for events or email for more information.
Alchemy at The Manchester Museum

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