Public Art Survey : The Results - Stephen Sharp

Members of the public in Hanley, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme were asked:

Does Public Art regenerate local economy?

A) Strongly agree
B) Agree
C) Donít know
D) Disagree
E) Strongly disagree

After 4 weeks of voting by the people of Hanley, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme, the results are in and have been collated. The highest percentage of votes will be presented on billboard posters in both locations as a text work. The full results are below,


18% - Agree
0% - Donít know
6% - Disagree
23% - Strongly disagree

Newcastle under Lyme

32% - Strongly agree
37% - AGREE
0% - Donít know
26% - Disagree
5% - Strongly disagree

The work aims to act as a starting point for the re-imagining of artís function within the public realm and regeneration. Public opinion of both locations is that public art regenerates local economy. Reality may be that developers are using public art as a marketing strategy to increase sales in local businesses, aiding inner city regeneration. The risk is that public art becomes a tourist attraction, bringing in people from other towns and cities to view the work, this then does not address local social and political issues. The aim of this work is to be forward thinking and to initiate public-led regeneration not market-led regeneration.

The results will be shown in opposite towns to where the results came from on billboards located on Marsh Street, Hanley and Newcastle Road, Newcastle under Lyme from Wed 12 Ė Wed 26 Mar 2008.