S Mark Gubb - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The latest exhibition at Leicester City Art Gallery will literally divide visitors – not just in their opinion of the art on show, but by height.

Visitors will experience a completely different contemporary art exhibition, dependent on whether they are under or over 5’7”. Artist S Mark Gubb has split the gallery in half, with a wall that affords a tantalising glimpse of completely different artworks (sculpture, light and text works) on the opposite side.

Borrowing bold and colourful marketing techniques - from religious posters, advertising signs and the bright lights of gambling havens - Gubb has created a unique vision of what could be heaven and what could be hell.

On one side of the gallery, for example, some members of the public will encounter a mound of placards without slogans, piled high, enticing visitors to write and start their own protest. These DIY placards lie powerless, like a pile of bodies, waiting to be revived or buried, calling us to action.

On the other side, a fluorescent poster asks us “You suffer…But why?”

S Mark Gubb, the artist responsible for this challenging exhibition, says he “wanted to provoke thought about what it means to live in a divided society, what public space is for and who it is controlled by. I also wanted to reference the history of walls that have dominated the twentieth century, from Berlin to Belfast, Palestine and Nicosia”.

Whilst tongue in cheek references to subcultures such as heavy metal, horror films and religious cults at first, ironically, offer us some solace, the artist provokes us to consider our contribution to the world we live in and how we might go about affecting change, and if this is at all possible.
S Mark Gubb - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Event Title: S Mark Gubb - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
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