It couldn’t be made up!

In association with the Surface gallery, Nottingham Trent University gives you “It couldn’t be made up” five back to back, one week, group exhibitions centred on the alternate readings of the title.

At play (25 Feb from 6pm – 28 Feb 2008)
Curated by Katherine Wojcik, including work by Matthew Hayes, Matthew Hayes, Charlie Hood, Emma Kemp and Kate Lawrence.

Transforming the gallery space into the wonderful imagined world of child’s play, altering perspective through makeshift structural design, grand proportion and the installation of both light and sound works.

Apeiron (Mon 3 Mar from 6pm - Tue 4 Mar 2008)
Curated by Andrew Brookfield and Rachel Eite including work by Ashley Gallant and Richard Sides.

Finding itself nestled between the realms of science fiction and science fact, works inspired by scientific phenomena. Artists incorporate visual ideas and explanations into works which blur the line between science and imagination, the real and the intangible.

Collapse (Thu 6 Mar from 6pm – Fri 7 Mar 2008)
Curated by Jenna Finch and Simon Franklin including work by Tom Duggan, Toby Everett, Craig Fisher, Bommsoon Lee, Tracey McMaster, Megan Tait and Naomi Terry.

Exploring breakdowns in communication and reflecting on how failure may offer disappointment but also clarity and perhaps give way to humorous and unforeseen circumstances. The emergence of logic from the disintegration of another and mistranslations are also key themes.

I Cant believe it’s not butter (Tue 11 Mar from 6pm – Thu 13 Mar 2008)
Curated by Jennifer Webber, Naomi Terry, Laura Clarke, Holly Farrington, Lotti Closs and including work by Sarah Duffy, Emma Firkin, Dan Ford, Rachel Murray, Charlotte Osborn, Jon Palmer, Bethany Phelps, Rhiannon Worgan, Derek Sprawson and Ben Wheel.

A collection of work where first impressions can be deceiving, where the comfort of a reassuringly familiar piece is shattered by something sinister lurking beneath the initial viewing. As we begin to discover and deduce the possibility of what could be,.

Snowball (Closing event 6pm Mon 17 Mar - Thu 20 Mar 2008)
Includes work from: Bommsoon Lee, Otis Sturney, Emma Tanner, Stephen Turner, Claire Merriman, Jess Stevenson and Fonny Fung Yin Shum.

Exploring the notion of limitless time and resources. A series of speculative drawings or sketches selected from seven artists are mediated in turn by another group of seven artists making connections and forming new ideas as a response. The original group of artists are then invited to respond where the process of ‘drawing together’ and ‘failing to see the link’ is put forth as a live event.

Interventions and Performances
Includes work by Dominique Humphreys, Bill Nguyen and Alia Pathan

Numerous Interventions and Performances centred round mistaken Identity, secret exchanges and absurd encounters within the gallery escalate and erupt into the public realm.
It couldn’t be made up!

Event Title: It couldn’t be made up!
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