ROAM: A Weekend of Walking

Including : Active Ingredient, Claire Blundell Jones, Duncan Speakman, Tim Brennan, Mark Gwynne Jones, Lottie Child and Tamara Ashley and Simone Kenyon.

Sauntering, shuffling, ambling, rambling. Wandering, striding, strolling, hiking, dawdling, pacing, strutting, stalking - six artists ask audiences to investigate Loughborough afresh. ROAM, a weekend of walking, is the second season of Loughborough University’s exciting new arts programme, RADAR.

On Tim Brennan’s ‘manoeuvre’ (or tactical walk) a guided group will retrace the steps of the infamous Luddites, questioning how history is re-told by tourist trails. Catch a rare glimpse of Clare Blundell Jones as she steers her bizarrely animated US tumbleweed around the town’s streets. Walking with Duncan Speakman is like inhabiting a movie where you get to be the performer; while the set may look familiar, the real-time audio, broadcast through headsets, will transport you somewhere else. In the hands of artists and technologists navigational devices and GPS systems are adding a new dimension to walking. Active Ingredients’ Heartlands is part-game, part-exercise in which hand held mobile devices monitor players’ heart rate, while each competes to out-walk fellow players on a hike around town.

The programme will be further contextualised within the University with a one day symposium bringing together artists, researchers and academics to reflect upon the relationship between arts practice, social sciences and walking. Taking the work presented as part of ROAM as a starting point, discussions will focus upon walking as place-making and walking as ethnographic practice.

Most of the walks depart from Charnwood Museum, Queens Hall, Granby Street, Loughborough LE11 3DU. Attendance on all walks is free but many of them have a limited capacity and it is advisable to book on 01509 222 960 or by emailing

Image: Duncan Speakman, Sounds from above the ground.
ROAM: A Weekend of Walking

Event Title: ROAM: A Weekend of Walking
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