Artur Zmijewski - Them

Polish artist Artur Zmijewski presents his video work Them, 2007, in Gallery II, which received critical acclaim at last year’s Documenta 12. Zmijewski brought together four groups of politically polarised groups, inviting them to meet and debate their political convictions through communally executed paint-and-paper murals. His video documents the ensuing exchanges as they deteriorate from considered alterations to the painted banners of opposing groups to frenziedly burning and hurling the remains of the defaced placards through the window.

Zmijewski represented Poland at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 and his work was presented at Documenta 12 in Kassel in 2007. Other notable works include The Singing Lesson I and II (2001/2002) in which the artist conducted singing lessons with deaf-mute children and formed an unlikely choir first in Warsaw, then in Leipzig, in the very church where Bach was cantor.

Gallery I will provide a space in which to host an additional programme of events: 'Polish - Scottish Cultural Stimulation' curated by Arek Kozak, to run in conjunction with the exhibition. The events will be every Thursday from 6-7pm for the duration. The exhibition in Gallery I will comprise of collaborations between Scottish and Polish artists. Also, every Tuesday there will be a different programme of new Polish animation showing throughout the day.
Artur Zmijewski - Them

Event Title: Artur Zmijewski - Them
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