Mobility Programme 2008 - 2009

During the last seventeen years, the Pépinières Européennes pour jeunes artistes have been fostering and supporting promotion and mobility of young artists amongst the European artistic scene. They launch a new mobility programme for the period 2008-2009, conceived as link between mapXXL and its next edition, which will represents the entire European countries, opening to new countries such as Turkey or Iceland, and new continents, in particular with Asia.

In order to provide a pertinent response to the various movements of a young generation of artists, the mobility programme 2008-2009 offers a wide range of ideas for artistic residencies, in relation with a number of creation structures partners proposing an opening to contrasting human, social and economic environments. It thus constitutes a great opportunity for the emergence of many projects and the encounter of a new audience, focusing on three types of residency projects: open art programme, artshare, and artventure.

Deadline: Thu 15 May 2008, before midnight (Brussels time)

This programme is open to any artists between 20 and 35 years, native from or regularly working in one of the programme's member countries. Each artist is only allowed to apply for one residency, outside of his/her country of origin and/or activity.

In order to make the application and selection process faster and easier, applications will only be made online, using the art4eu website.

Video/sound artists will be asked to send a dvd/cd by regular mail to the national coordinator in charge of the residency they are applying for, in order to complete their application (see dowload pdf presentation for details and adresses).

List of available residencies
Visit the art4eu website
Download full presentation (pdf)

General delegation: 33 (0) 1 39 17 11 00 or
Mobility Programme 2008 - 2009

What: Mobility Programme 2008 - 2009
Further Details:
-Visit the art4eu website
Deadline: Thu 15 May 2008
Who Can Apply: Artists aged between 20 and 35 years