CABAN UNNOS Ė Call for Participants (New Life Berlin festival)

CABAN UNNOS: ITíS NOW-OR-NEVER invites artists and other participants to collaborate on building a one-night-house in Berlin during the NEW LIFE BERLIN Festival in June 2008.

For time immemorial a personís right to live and work off the land has been a mutually acknowledged folk belief across Europe. That personís right to appropriate a portion of the communeís land so that they may build upon it a dwelling has been put into practice by that person building a Ďone-night-houseí. The appropriation of common land through the phenomena of the one-night-house rarely had any firm basis in law. However, this practice occurred and could often resist interference from a landlord or authority.

CABAN UNNOS: ITíS NOW-OR-NEVER asks what has happened to the belief that land is ours? The project invites participants to take part in building an actual one-night-house in Berlin.

To take part of this project, artists and others are encouraged to submit responses on governing legislation in Germany, possible Berlin sites, knowledge of materials and construction methods, examples of other such temporary structures in your area and other general ideas and interest.

Through a program of workshops and talks during the festival, invited participants will discuss the practical aspects of clandestine building and will finally collaborate to build a one-night-house somewhere in Berlin.

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CABAN UNNOS: ITíS NOW-OR-NEVER is a project conceived and developed by the Sheffield-based art group No Fixed Abode. More about No Fixed Abode here.

What: CABAN UNNOS Ė Call for Participants (New Life Berlin festival)
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- New Life Berlin Festival
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Deadline: Contributions being taken now for festival in June 2008