THE SANDWICH BOX - Call for Applications (New Life Berlin festival)

THE SANDWICH BOX is circulating between artists around the world.
THE SANDWICH BOX is an ongoing, collaborative artwork.
THE SANDWICH BOX is a gesture and a fellow traveller.

As part of the NEW LIFE BERLIN Contemporary Art Festival, artists anywhere in the world can apply to obtain THE SANDWICH BOX for one week.

THE SANDWICH BOX consists of a metal suitcase measuring: 31 x 37,5 x 12,5 cm (height, length, width). This suitcase is packed with a “Lysthus” (“Gazebo” in English) tent measuring 200 x 150 x 150 cm (height, length, width). The tent can be unpacked from the suitcase and has room for a couple of people.

Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to apply for THE SANDWICH BOX and selected applicants will finally receive the box for one week each. All selected artists will be included in the official Festival Program.

When applying for THE SANDWICH BOX, you are free to use the box and tent for whatever artwork, situation or other scenario you might find relevant. However, a contextual codex for inspiration can be found at: the Sandwich Box website

More than 40 international artists have worked within the context of the box project since 2004, but this is the very first time that the project is launched in its current form*.

To request the SANDWICH BOX visit

THE SANDWICH BOX project is formulated and conceived by Danish artist Lars Vilhelmsen in collaboration with Charlotte Mosen Jensen / Den lille Have.

More about Lars Vilhelmsen

*THE SANDWICH BOX project originates from Vilhelmsen’s Travellers Secret Box project begun in May 2004.

What: THE SANDWICH BOX - Call for Applications (New Life Berlin festival)
Associated Events:
- New Life Berlin festival
Further Details:
- visit the Sandwich Box website
- More about Lars Vilhelmsen
- Visit
- New Life Berlin festival: Fictive Days opportunity
Deadline: Midnight Sat 10 May 2008 (Pacific Standard Time)