FICTIVE DAYS - New Life Berlin festival

FICTIVE DAYS is a two-week performance studio for the collective research of fictional characters.

Taking place during the NEW LIFE BERLIN Festival in June 2008, six to eight artists/researchers will be selected to live and work closely together in a large Berlin apartment.

To participate in the project, you must apply to be a mainstream film character. For two full weeks you must adopt the identity of this character and always act as you believe this character would.

During the course of FICTIVE DAYS, everyday functions in the project apartment will be arranged solely on the structures of famous film scenes involving the performing characters. Consequently, everything that happens during the two weeks can be understood as a scene.

All scenes will be realized by collaboration of the group and then further developed following the individual intentions, emotional reactions and practical needs of each participant.

As with any other private apartment, it will be entirely up to the participants to decide when they want to allow visitors and guests into the space during the two weeks. Participants can come and leave, as they want.

Video equipment will be available to use in the apartment and the participants can document any scene(s) they want. After the performance-residency, all participants will get a copy of all recorded material and will be free to create they own version of a final film - should they wish to do so.

FICTIVE DAYS is a project developed by Peruvian artists Sergio Zevallos in collaboration with TEMPS – space support for nomadic projects. The project arises from the premise that the conscious aspects of affective relations happen between imagined identities and that the human ability to create fiction* is one of its defining characteristics. Through its live cultivation of personal relationships, FICTIVE DAYS aims to investigate both the clichés of cinema and those of our everyday lives.

*"Fiction" is here defined as an imaginative form of narrative, behaviour or communication that is not entirely based upon facts.

Who: Sergio Zevallos
What: FICTIVE DAYS - New Life Berlin festival
Where: New Life Festival, Berlin
When: Sat 1 - Sun 15 Jun 08
Further Details:
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Deadline: midnight Wed 30 Apr 08 (Pacific Standard Time)