Dislocate 08 - Art, Technology, Locality - Call for Proposals

Dislocate questions our notions of place and location in the face of perpetual motion through multifaceted environments. The velocity of this passage is accelerated through new technologies, but as a result how does this impact upon our encounter with place and our attempt to communicate this to elsewhere?

Through an exhibition, symposium and workshop series Dislocate will examine this encounter and communication, taking a journey through surrounding spaces and exploring our transient connections.

Propelled through so many spaces with such momentum, mobility brings freedoms but also responsibilities. While in this state of passage how do we decide which spaces to engage with and what is our dialogue with them?

Considering the locations we constantly carry with us, the interaction between the internal/external, virtual/physical, real/imaginary, our locatedness is multiple, fragmentary and in constant flux. Nomadic in structure the festival will focus upon our kinetic force through these various intersecting sites. Employing transitions by foot, bike and public transportation Dislocate will form an expedition into the diverse routes of the city and its hidden spaces, while questioning our relation to the ground beneath our feet.

In this state of transit does our mode of transport isolate us from that which we travel through? Is there a destination? And how do we know when we have arrived?


Entering the current of the city, conducted through its circuits, in a constant state of disturbance, is it possible to configure with our environment? When shuttled at such velocities can we find any point of anchor? Roaming these streaming channels what do we transmit and what do we receive?

What makes up our experience and expression of place? How do we scan, read and send the information before us?

These will be particular areas of discussion which the Dislocate exhibition will contribute to.

There will be an opportunity for work to be presented in selected exhibition spaces while connecting these sites with external sites. However the main strategy of the exhibition is to present itinerant works which investigate the surrounding environment, taking the viewer on a journey through the city, allowing a new experience of these immediate spaces and communicating this with other locations.

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Dislocate will hold an International symposium in the examination of art, technology and locality. The focus of these discussions will be upon Constructing Place

In our rapid trajectories, what is it that we are moving through? How do we locate ourselves? How do we position ourselves in relation to our surroundings?

With reference to the impact of new media, we will examine how we formulate our notions of place and how we are tied to that which we inhabit. Does new technology strengthen our awareness of our surroundings or does it threaten this?

In this discourse the potential of technologies to release us from location, overcome our coordinates, will be debated, questioning whether place is really something which can be run from. It may be suggested that location can not be escaped but nor is it a single point which we are confined within. Place is something we can not separate ourselves from and while technology may be a medium for experience, it is also the material of place itself.

The symposium presentations will be encouraged to take a workshop/discussion format and speakers will be led to consider alternative locations specific to their presentations, which may also take the format of excursions through the city.

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Exploring the pathways of Yokohama

Yokohama is famous as a port of exchange, a gateway for international relations, a historical site of both commercial and cultural trade. With its various inlets and outlets,

Yokohama is a buzzing network of transactions and communications. But with our rapid movement through fluctuating lines how can we take account of each footstep? Utilizing these networks, trains, subway, roads, alleys in a scrutinization of the moving city, workshops will set out an expedition in which we reflect upon our roaming through urban space and the fleeting exchanges which occur here.

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If you are interested to participate in any of the above events please send proposals to:

Ginza Art Lab
Yogashi West 2F
7-3-6 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104 0016&�

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Dislocate 08 - Art, Technology, Locality

Who: Dislocate
What: Dislocate 08 - Art, Technology, Locality - Call for Proposals
Where: Yokohama, Japan
When: Sep 2008
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