Santa Fe Art Institute - Artist and Writer Residencies

The Santa Fe Art Institute Residency program began in response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. SFAI responded by initiating the Emergency Relief Residencies, which provided respite to over 130 artists who had been displaced from their home and studios in the aftermath of 9/11.

Artists who are selected for residencies receive living and working space at SFAI, centrally located within Santa Fe’s vibrant and diverse cultural community. Resident living and studio space is housed within the SFAI facility, a nearly 17,000 square foot complex designed by renowned Mexican architect, Ricardo Legoretta. SFAI’s complex offers gallery/exhibition spaces, sky lit studios, a growing contemporary art library, courtyards, laundry facilities, communal kitchen, and dining and living room areas. All residents receive private living quarters and bath. Visual artists have work space in the more communal areas of the building (flexible walls provide each resident with a minimum of 700 square feet of semi-private studio space). Writers are welcome to use the library space for writing and reading, as well as their own private rooms equipped with desks. An outdoor courtyard offers space for working in a variety of media.

Residencies are by application only. A peer selection panel meets annually to review applications.
Santa Fe Art Institute

Who: Santa Fe Art Institute
What: Santa Fe Art Institute - Artist and Writer Residencies
Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
When: Fri 14 Mar 2008
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Deadline: Fri 14 Mar 2008